Steve Tasker- Living Legend

Buffalo Great Living Post Football Life With A Smile

Meet Steve Tasker just once and within minutes you’ll feel like you’re talking to a long time friend.  Tasker has the uncanny ability to make people feel comfortable and relaxed when he’s in the room.

“Steve is simply one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, we love working with him,”  said Pete Small, Director of Advertising for the West Herr Auto Group.  Steve is currently the spokesman for the group.

Steve Tasker- Spokesman for the West Herr Auto Group

Steve Tasker doing his thing as the West Herr spokesman

When I met Steve at a West Herr commercial shoot, it was the first night of the NCAA Basketball Tournament in Buffalo. Syracuse was playing a game that evening, and in the course of talking Steve he found out I was a Syracuse alum.  He immediately went to work trying to find me tickets for the game.  How many people do you know who would do that for someone they just met?

Of course, Steve’s opponents on the football field might be singing a different tune about him.

Steve, a wide receiver and special teams player for the Buffalo Bills, was known for delivering thunderous hits on kickoff coverage.  He developed a huge fan following in his tenure on the Bills, playing from 1986-1997.  Coach Marv Levy called Steve “one of the greatest special teams player to ever play the game.”

What’s unique about Steve is that no one before him had ever developed a reputation and garnered pro bowl selections based on Special Teams play without returning the ball.  He was named #9 on ESPN’s list of  “The Top 10 Players Not In The NFL Hall of Fame.”

After retirement, Steve found work as the West Herr spokesman and as a color commentator for CBS.  He still resides in the Buffalo area when he isn’t traveling for CBS.

Steve is known for working as hard at his post football work as he did on the field.  As he shoots commercials he is the consummate professional, yet between jokes he is not above trading quotes from the film “My Cousin Vinny” with West Herr creative director Steve Briscoe.

“Working with West Herr has been a great experience.  They’ll do anything for you,” Tasker said. He also dedicates his time and namesake to multiple charities in the Buffalo area.

So watch TV long enough and you’ll see Steve Tasker eventually, but it can’t match the experience of actually meeting him.  If you’re lucky enough to do so, you’ll be telling your friends and family about it later.

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